Solved quizzes for round numbers.

5- 3 Solved Quizzes for rounding numbers-easy approach.

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3 Solved Quizzes for rounding numbers.

The first quiz of the three Solved quizzes.

This is Quiz-1, which is a multi-choice quiz. For Quiz -1, round 3.8439 to the nearest hundred.

As was explained earlier, we will take two numbers. The different options are given as for option a) is 3.84 or option b) 3.844 or option c) 3.843 or option d) 3.85   to the nearest one hundred, make a line that separates the first two numbers at the right of the decimal from the other right.

Since number 3 is less than 5, We will keep 84 unchanged, then the rounding of 3.8439 will be rounded to the hundred as equal to 3.84, which is option A is the correct answer. This is selected since two decimal points or the nearest hundred are required.

Solved quiz number-1-solved Quizzes for rounding numbers

The second quiz of the three Solved quizzes.

For Quiz -2, round 12.6257 to the three decimal places.

The different four options are given for option a) 12.6. For option b) 12.63. For option c) 12.626. For option d) 12.62.

I will leave for a short time to check the answer. The answer is to consider three numbers at the right of the decimal point.

let us count 1,2,3, and check at the right, we have 7 which is >5. So the 5 will be upgraded to 6,  so the final value is 12.626. it does not have the option a) nor option b) or option d).

The correct answer is option d) with God’s will. Our last Quiz is quiz number 3, to return to come back to set and subset the main item. That was an opportunity to review the whole numbers, the natural number, and rational and irrational numbers since the data are included in the set subject.

Solved quiz number-2

The third quiz of the three Solved quizzes.

Quiz 3, round 3.995 to two significant digits, there are 4 options, for option a) 3.9, for option b) 4.0, option c) 3.99, for option d) 4. For two significant digits.

Starting from left to right, in case no zero entry exists.3.995 is 4 digits. Start to count from left to right, stopping between 9 and 9, since 9 is >5, this will make 39 as 40, but consider that, we have 4.0, not 40.

The final answer that 3.995 to two significant figures becomes 4.0, which is option a). The question is why it is not 4 as of option d)? Since in the quiz, it is required to have two Significant digits. If it is required to have one significant digit, this will yield as in option d).

Solved quiz number-3

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You can use a calculator from calculator soup for any number you wish to find the corresponding rounding.

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