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The home page published posts for Bolted Connection.

The compression members’ posts include 28 posts with full descriptions and solved examples with descriptive images.

Engineering Economy

Engineering economy is an important subject, and the posts include the definition and solved problems. the total number of posts is 13 posts, the last four posts are shown next.

The home page published posts for discrete Math.

The first moment of area-plain shapes

A complete illustration for the first moment of area, how to determine the area by the integration? How do we get the distance of Cg for a given axis? Plain areas are illustrated.

The first moment of area-round shapes posts.

A complete illustration for the first moment of area, for round shapes. Shapes include circles, tubular shafts, and semi-circles.

Introduction to structural steel posts.

This category includes the basic data for structural steel, what is the information for steel sections? how do we estimate the LRFD and ASD design loads for steel members?

Moment of inertia posts.

The Moment of inertia is an important subject in statics. The posts include how to find the proofs of the values of inertia for different common shapes.

Linear algebra-matrices posts.

Numerical analysis

The numerical analysis falls into several subdivisions, as follows
Introduction to numerical analysis.

Solving non-linear equations posts.

Solution of linear equations-Numerical analysis.


Steel Beams.

The steel beams posts have 40 posts, with solved problems and illustrative images.

Tension Members.

There are 20 posts for the Tension members containing illustrations and solved problems all posts have descriptive images.

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