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23S- Solved problem 10-2, table 3-2 for shear value.

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Solved Problem 10-2, How To Use Table 3-2 For Shear Value? 

A solved problem 10-2, check shear adequacy for the selected section.

This is a solved problem 10-2 from Prof. Mccormack’s book, there is a beam, with w section W21x55, for which the yield stress Fy is equal to 50 ksi, it is required to check the adequacy of this beam to shear.

From table 1-1 we get all the relevant data for W21x55, a section of W21x55 is drawn as shown in the small sketch on the left side.

A solved problem 2-10 use table 3-2 for shear adequacy.

From table 1-1, we will get the value of plastic section modulus Zx for the W section W 21×55, which will be=126.0 inch3.

Zx value for the W section from table1-1.

From table 3-2, Where w sections are sorted by the Zx for the W section W 21 x55, the LRFD value for the nominal shear can be obtained from the final column, the value is equal to 234.0 kips, which matches the same figure via the previous post.

For the ASD value for the Nominal shear strength, in the same table 3-2, we can get the value for the ASD value, which can be found as=156.0 kips. The attached image shows the figures for both the LRFD and ASD.

The factored nominal shear strength for W section for problem 2-10 from table 3-2

This is the pdf file used for the illustration of this post.

As an external resource for the shear stress limit state.

In this post, the previously solved problem was checked but by using the AISC provision.

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